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Why has a virus been allowed to nearly bankrupt the UK?


It's time we forgot about it and got on with our lives. Sweden is doing ok with no lockdown. People die every day from one thing, or another.

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    Remain: Well that's the referendum campaign well n truly ballsed-up. At least things can't possibly get any worse.

    Jo Swinson: Hold my pint.

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    Proudly confirming their usual infamy, British people absolutely refuse to wear a mask and gloves and quarantine and lockdown and social distance and there's no telling them anything different. It's highly credible that the reason COVID-19 is worse in the UK than in any other country except China is because of incredulous selfish dim reasons like this.

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    Actually although Sweden did initially seem to cope well with no 'lockdown', it seems that perhaps they should've imposed some form of lockdown, as Sweden now has over 37,000 confirmed cases and more than 5,000 deaths.  This is even higher than the the UK, even though the UK is highly populated.

    See ;Sweden has the largest number of cases and fatalities in Scandinavia—around 37 000 confirmed cases at the time of writing, compared with its neighbours Denmark, Norway, and Finland which have 12 000, 8000, and 7000 cases, respectively. All three neighbouring countries adopted a lockdown approach early in the pandemic, which they are now slowly lifting. All three have since re-opened their borders, but not to Sweden.

    Sweden recorded the most coronavirus deaths per capita in Europe in a seven day average between 25 May and 2 June. The country’s mortality rate was 5.29 deaths per million inhabitants a day (the UK ranked second with 4.48) according to Our World In Data,2 an online research publication based at the University of Oxford.

    And what of herd immunity? An ongoing nationwide study conducted by the Public Health Agency of Sweden on 20 May found that just 7.3% of Stockholm residents had developed covid-19 antibodies by late April—and that was the largest number of positive results found in the country.

    “It means that just like other European cities in hard hit countries, it will take a long time before the majority of the population has gone through the infection and are likely immune,” said Tove Fall, professor in epidemiology at Uppsala University.

    On 11 May, the World Health Organization said that global studies had found antibodies in only 1-10% of the global population, with similar findings emerging from Spain and France. The agency warned against any country depending on herd immunity as a strategy.


    “I think we’re starting to see that the Swedish model maybe wasn’t the smartest,” said former state epidemiologist Annika Linde in a 19 May interview with newspaper Dagens Nyheter.3

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    What has happened in the UK re Covid 19 cannot be compared to other countries, for any number of reasons.   Sweden for eg., doesn't have anything like the density or numbers of the population we in the UK have.   It was decided, at the time (remembering that nobody has experienced anything like this before), to protect the NHS from being over-whelmed (pity because had the NHS been properly funded by successive Governments, it may have been able to cope with large numbers of affected patients), at the cost of proping up the economy = this money will have to be paid back, eventually.

    If you feel life is going to be better outside the UK - presumably there's nothing to stop you leaving.   But you'll find the grass is NOT greener on the other side.

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    Nature has raised its voice to condemn our over exploitations and exceeding luxury lives. We have to seek ways to depart from our mistakes. For example, forsake 5G but go to optic; forsake fossil fuel but go to renewable energy; building heat pump in North Pole or Greenland to freeze them again and transform those heat to electricity in Europe.

    Some religious people may say this year would be a Sabbatical year - God forced us to rest. However, if we do think about Nature, you are going to be destroyed.

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    It’s costing all countries a lot of money , the UK is not unique in that respect.

    Sweden’s lack of lockdown is looking more questionable everyday.

    The only good thing us the government can borrow money virtually interest free.

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    The UK in particular? Bad 'just-in-time Capitalism on a shoestring and living beyond our sustainable means. It took a really suicidal kind of British stupid to vote for Brexit last year. The next pandemic was always when, not if. International trade and travel made its rapid spread inevitable. 

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    To be honest, that would be a good thing for the economy killing the vulnerable, which would also be a good thing seeing those vulnerable would mostly be on welfare, but would be a devolution of human civilization.

    Or we could just throw the vulnerable out with the trash on trash night and save time. 👍

    @Tray What does the OP know about Sweden STFU you spastic.

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    banking crisis 2008, conservative austerity, millions of workers on minimum wage, zero hour contracts, boris johnson squandering £50million on vanity projects, UK economy was nosediving long before the virus came... 

    yanks eased lockdown, arizona has become covid19 epicentre, hospitals cannot cope and body bags are left in the street  here's the kicker, brexit will be the nail in the coffin

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    Spanky bottom virus! naughty naughty! It should have been sent to bed without any supper.  Or what would you suggest having done about it?

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    So, you think it is any different in other countries? USA - 24 TRILLION Dollars in debt.

    Sweden has a population of only 10 million; that makes a difference. Similar applies to New Zealand.

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