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Is 30 years old too old to overcome depression if you have been depressed your whole life?

The only real achievement I have is qualifying as a CPA (chartered accountant) but it was a long road with failures and I couldn't hold a job.

Right now I don't have and I'm far from having:

* A husband: nobody really wanted me before and now as I'm older I'm not as desirable either way. With this lockdown I don't see anything happening anytime either way and I want to get my life in order.

* A stable career: almost got fired from both jobs. Couldn't handle the pressure and I couldn't focus and perform well. I'm not dumb though and I do want to do well. I have a gap in my CV which I'm not sure how I will cover and finding a job will he tough with the current climate. Been unemployed for more than a year because I just couldn't. I went to a psych ward once for depression.

* I only have my father who is old. Dont have a mother because of a strained relationship and abuse etc. Dont have siblings. Believe it or not I don't even have aunts or uncles really who are considering family.

* I only have perhaps 2 friends and they both have their own lives.

* I don't have energy most days although medically everything is clear.

I'm afraid it's too late for me to fix any of the above even if I get out of depression.

Which man will want me and where will I find a good job?

I can't do anything about family that I don't have. But is success possible or have I ruined my life already. 

I wish I got over this when I was in my teens or early 20s or atleast met someone special.


I don't see a path for me to catch up to people.

I'm worried even if I do get a guy he will be desperate or dodge and just settle for me because i can't get a good quality guy.

I feel less desirable then other women and i also wanted a nice wedding day when I'm in my youth and to feel special. Already I have the lack of family to deal with for that day.

Update 2:

I feel like I was so dumb and naive and lazy when I was younger and now I lost out forever

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  • Alfred
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    3 weeks ago
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    NO,  you didn't! you DID NOT lose out forever!

     you're still young enough to brightly and boldly rebuild your life....yes.

     you're young enough to  be my daughter...

     additional questions are to be asked in real your area...

     you've  got to do your best to boost your self - esteem and self - confidence... to learn/ get used to love and respect  yourself along with respecting others...yes

     everything has to be  done - as a prerequisite - to keep your depression under control or simply leave it behind you....

     beyond this , fyrther on, it's a matter of self - esteem and self- confidence....yes.

     you DID NOT ruin your life...yet...

     you will  ruin your life unless  you won't do your best- from every single possible standpoint- to overcome your soul  problems and to genuinely strive to integrate yourself socially...yes....which you shall NEVER  do it... you're priceless  enough and-I hope so- wise enough  to thoroughly avoid ruining your life...please

     you may need  professional medical and/ or psychological  help in real life, in your area...

     stick to life...and strive to rebuild your life in every way...

    NEVER  give up... NEVER  break down... NEVER EVER  lose  your self - esteem and self - confidence... EVER AGAIN ...

     let your Family Doctor there exactly know what you've been and what you're going through...

     and may life come  your way...

     may it smile to you in return... 

     may you foind the power  to brightly and bolodly overcome your life's hardships...

     and the power to make all  your dreams come true

     the best possible, dignified way

     may you stay forever-blessed and kept safe and proof from all harm

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    you cant ***?  

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can be too old to stop suffering??!

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    No way its not too old when you have health issues like that. You can get a job anytime. The world is really big.

    You sound exactly like me. I am a guy of your age. Sometimes you need to give up your main job and start with some low level jobs like clerk or just a receptionist etc. which is comfortable for you. Bcoz when it comes to your field i guess your job requires lot of mental work which will drive you to more depression. Its not just for you now these jobs are really getting boring atleast some peons job would be better i feel. Age is just a number you need to tell about your mental problem to your job interviewer and if he is really good and understanding person he will give you a stress free job or else just stay like that begging or finding somebody who could take care of you. Take anti depressants by consulting a good psychiatrist. Life is not always about achivieng something when you cant. There are no rules in life.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    May I suggest taking up bodybuilding and transform your physique into a trademark of physical beauty? You can also try martial arts (karate, taekwondo, kickboxing, etc.) and learn how to fight.

    There are medications out there that may help people in your conditions as well (legal and illegal). Don't get caught if you decide to try something illegal like weed.

    The above, combined with therapy and/or an appointment with a psychiatrist to help get you started in the right direction, will help you a long way. You're in the dark but you're not alone.

  • 4 weeks ago

    You probably have not had access to professional advice on depression and how to deal with it as depression may be part of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. This new discovered  evidence was reported on 7 May in Nature, an international weekly journal of science published in England. I have a membership with Nature, but I cannot transfer the article to you. Go to Google and search for " Information on linking schizophrenia, depression and bipolar conditions." Humans are born with chromasomes(DNA)that carry about 20,000 genes. Genes are instructions to make you have red hair, big ears and cancer. Genes can mutate(deform)and change their original purpose. It is possible there is some changes in your brain that make you do strange things and not follow rules. Perhaps the article will provide some answers to these unfair orders.

    Good Luck.


  • 4 weeks ago

    You're 30, not 90. Many people turn their lives around at your age and older. You've worked, have skills, have friends, but you are so mean to yourself. Start by talking with your doctor and getting an anti-depressant. Then, if you can, find a therapist to help you challenge your deprrssive thinking and put together a plan to improve your life. Lastly, take up hobbies like painting, gardening, cooking, biking, walking, etc. to make yourself more interesting and give yourself ways to self soothe. Figure out ways to be with other people, possibly thru volunteer work, using dating apps (it's still possible to meet people, but harder right now), sports leagues, or at least social media. Get a dog, if possible.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I feel the same way except


    20. It will get easier. You will get your happiness and your life back.


    not alone


    so many others in the same situation as you. I have never met someone,


    hold a job, people bully me at my

    work places

    , always come into contact with the meanest people, I lay in my bed all day long,


    have a best friend or any real friends, my home situation is driving me crazy,


    need to move out but I


    afford it and the depression will hit me so much worse and I


    cope with that


    I just pray things


    better. I have lost


    motivation to even pray.


    feel so weak every single day, my body has no strength at all. I




    family either. It will get better hopefully one day 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Don't settle for less and there is always hope.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Get off the internet and go get so exercise or at least go out for a walk, preferably where there's some trees.  That's all you need to worry about.  Do it every day.  If you miss a day no big deal.  Don't give up.

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