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Is it possible to reconnect with old friend?

Im 22 y.About 3 years ago my friend and I had a few arguments.Then he called me couple of months i didnt answer his phone calls.Then he stopped calling.I was working hard been in diffrent country and havent called him for almost 3 years.

He sent me happy birghtday message i havent responded(i know bad move).

During that time i sometimes hang out with one of our mutal friend.And sead some pretty bad things about him.He said he did talked bad about me to.

We were good friends from childhood.And this 3 years passed quick for me.

Is it possible to reconnect with him.

I want to call him but i dont know what his responce would be like?

Or if he would want to be friends with me again.

Sorry for bad english.


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  • Linda
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    1 month ago

    Without apologizing for your past and talking things over about why things didn't work out, if you call him again, the same things could happen again. It's possible to reconnect and have it work out if you've both matured. I contacted an old friend and regretted it because the problems we had earlier resurfaced again which could very well happen...so think it over before deciding to contact him again...good luck!

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  • 1 month ago

    there is no law stopping you from calling him. Just do it. worst that could happen is you don't reconnect. Jesus Christ

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