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Should I move out and if so when?

My sister and I live together because neither of us can afford to pay for rent here in NC also not only that she can't afford day care either.  I baby sit for her when she goes to work and shopping.  We could move to Arkansas our home state and each afford our own place but she says she can't go until she pays down her credit because she won't have a job.  She has an offer for a job on the table but says she will turn it down because it's night shift.  I could leave now but she will need help and I don't want to leave her stranded.  She says she will be ok if I leave but I know for a fact she'll just get deeper in debt with a daycare and credit card.

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  • Linda
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    It seldom works out when you move in with a relative and your sister might ruin your credit in time. I would move out soon, but give her a little more time to get her problems straightened out so you don't leave her stranded. In 3 months, if she isn't making progress, move out and move on.

    Source(s): Lived with sis twice.
  • Foofa
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    She should be looking for a different job in Arkansas that doesn't involve working nights. Ultimately you can't craft your own life around what she's doing though. So if you do want to leave NC work with her to try to find a suitable roommate replacement for yourself. 

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    You basically can't put your life on hold for ever in order to look after your sister; but she also needs to start looking at whether her life choices are the best option for her and her child. 

    Sit down and have an honest open conversation about future plans, finance etc. If you move for example and she goes with you; what then?

  • Anonymous
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    shouldn't be moving anywhere if you two don't have a stable job in this pandemic. and to leave without her is pretty rude since she's already struggling

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