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Why doesn't bill gates stick to computer viruses instead of physiological ones?


@Lili, you are so gullible. You think he's some sort of angel lol? I'm not american 'sweety'. Cringeworthy answer.

Update 2:

@Ted k, that's rich coming from a racist. 'Loud, proud', and you're not? I'm just voicing my opinion just like you, hypocrite. 

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    Travel back with me to the 1980s.  Apple computers weren't as good as, say, Ataris and Commodores.  Apple gave a bunch of computers to schools.  When the kids went home, they asked Mommy and Daddy for Apple computers 'cause that was what they knew how to use.  Apple  made a pile of money and got a bunch of brand-loyal customers.  Yowza.  Bill Gates was in the corner taking notes.

    Fast forward.  Windows 95 and 98 have taken over the USA and Europe.  What about the developing world?  Bill Gates wanted children there grow up to be Microsoft customers.  Oh yeah, developing nation money!  So computers and software were sent and teachers were trained and...

    ...and there was a problem.  Kids were dying of childhood diseases!  Dead kids weren't growing up to be brand-loyal Microsoft customers.  So Bill Gates, and his wife, and his friend Warren Buffett, started up a foundation to make things better so that fewer kids would die.

    You know what I say?  Good on him.  God Bless Bill Gates.

  • Anonymous
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    He and his wife are both philanthropists who want to fight preventable diseases around the world. He has pledged to give away his wealth to charity. Other billionaires have followed his lead, and these include Warren Buffet. The founder of Tweeter also pledges to give a billion dollars to fight the Corona Virus. 

  • Amy
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    He has money, and most viruses are a problem that's easy to solve with money.

    He has also spend a lot of money fighting climate change, but that's less well known because it doesn't get immediate results like giving a poor village clean water does.

  • Jim
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    Some people decide to help their fellow man, some by trying to help others in QOL or health issues (such as Bill Gates). Not having those funds, I tend to tutor and help people on Y!A, to each their own.

    Question for you: what would you think of him with all that money and just spending it all on himself? Would you want him then to 'pay it forward'??

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  • Lili
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    He's highly influential, he has points of view, and like all Americans -- even you, sadly -- he has a right to express them.

    He's also made a fortune, sweetie, and he wants to do something productive with his money AND his influence. 

    He's doing a hell of a lot more for the world than you ever will, dear. 

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