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Do running and walking a mile burn the same calories in this situation ?

I walk a mile, run a mile, walk a mile, run a mile, walk a mile, run a mile

So in total, I walk 3 miles and run 3 miles. 

Do I still burn the same calories if I were to run 6 miles?

I know running burns more calories than walking, but walking a mile takes double the time of running a mile. So walking is a lighter exercise but for a longer duration. 

So that’s where the confusion comes in if it burns the same calories or not 

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    Great question. See link below for a great write up on this.

    Short answer you will burn more calories running than walking since you are working harder to cover the same distance assuming you run faster than you walk. The important thing is that you are getting exercise in.

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    In general, within some limits, running a distance uses more energy than walking the same distance. 

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