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Are my parents being unreasonable?

My parents - mainly my dad - are really suspicious of me all the time. They've taken my phone off of me as I changed my password and refuse to tell them what it is. They keep saying, if I don't tell them the password, they'll reset my phone and get rid of everything, or that they'll take my phone to the police so they can look at it. They've always used tactics such as telling me I can delete all the bad stuff off of it before they look at it and I always trust them, but then they go through my Recently Deleted folder and just find everything again. I feel kind of manipulated but they always say that they just love me and want the best for me. I always feel uncomfortable and anxious whenever my dad is around and when I tell my parents that, they always ask if it's because I have something to hide. I just want privacy.

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  • 3 weeks ago

    personally I would get avast protection if you want to hide any of your photos do the 3 days free subscription and it gives an option to hide all your photos with a lock or if you got an iPhone use screen time and hide the apps you want in thereby turning it on and use Siri suggestion to stop them searching apps because they won't find it you could even stop access to the apple store if you wanted from screen time but keep in mind you should have a password and you would have to keep turning it off at your own risk.

  • drip
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    3 weeks ago

    Your age would help.

    Use you phone as if the world can see, hear and read what is on it. Don’t have “bad stuff” on your phone.  

    Loving you doesn’t mean they still can not watch over you and what you are doing. 

    Quit refusing to give your password.  Childish behavior isn’t going to help.

  • Prince
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    3 weeks ago

    No, you underestimate how dangerous the world is. There are clever and evil predators who really snatch kids and enslave them in basements and do human trafficking and they're highly organised. In a billion dollar criminal business, you are not just facing one single predator alone. Maybe you feel you can be on guard against one obviously creepy man but that's not how it works. The successful criminals are in groups and have very pleasant looking women and kids your own age roped in to trick you and manipulate you. You need to have your parents and people know whom you are meeting and talking with in case you get kidnapped. The entire planet is covered with islamist terrorist agents of Saudi oil billionaires who sawed up Kashoggi and run down Americans with diplomatic plates and they blew up the World Trade Centre. Our politicians are in awe of the House of Saud, the wealthiest family on the planet. Then too, you have got your Russian Mob, the Mafia, child traffickers running out of Belgium and so on. Add your independent psychotic serial killers and you are seriously underestimating this world. Unlock your phone, kid, and review all the "privacy" with your parents. 

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    first off, the police aren't going to look through your phone unless there's a criminal investigation going on. I undestand this, im 17 and my mom used to be just like this. The only way i could see it changing for you is if you showed them how much of an adult you are becoming (if youre 16+ you're wayyy to old to be treated like this by the way). If not, look into ways to hide your information. there's apps and settings that protect your privacy, for example you can enable this feature on iphones where it resets if the passcode is incorrect 10 times, might help if they're set on snooping. ALSOOO it seems like you have parents you can at least talk to. maybe bring it up in a joking manner and then tell them your grievances.

    or maybe they'll just have to learn their lesson and find something they don't want to see in order for them to learn to stop snooping. leave a text thread open where you tell your friends these issues to (if your parents sit and read through it, it might humble them) good luck!

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  • 4 weeks ago

    You can delete things that are in your recently deleted folder, so do that before they look at your phone. If they keep finding nothing bad on your phone, they will trust you more and more. Assuming they bought you the phone and you’re under 18, there’s not much you can do 

  • Pearl
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    4 weeks ago

    sounds like it and if youre lucky enough to be over 18 move out

  • 4 weeks ago

    I would think that you have something to hide as well, generally people who don't have anything they shouldn't on their phones don't need to change the password or delete a bunch of things so others won't see. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    What parent is so dumb that they think the police are going to help them snoop around in their kids' phones?  If they took your phone to the police because they want to look through it, the police would laugh and laugh.  And laugh.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Those that have nothing to hide, hide nothing.  If you are SOooooo innocent, why the tantrum about an assumed invasion of your privacy.  Two questions.  1 How old are you?  2 Who pays for the phone?  They both have a bearing on your parent's behavior.


  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    I think you deserve your own privacy. Now, have you done anything in the past that would make them this suspicious of you? If you are an all around good kid then they sound like they are being too protective of you. What things would you have on your phone to make them want to take it to the police to check through? 

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