Is hyperxcloud mix a better headset then cloud 2?

I have cloud 2 and cloud mix has a higher frequency response up to 40,000 hz and cloud 2 only has 25,000 hz 

1 Answer

  • Lance
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    It's complicated. More than just the frequency response you also have to know the deviation factor...If its plus or minus 3db or plus or minus 6 db or 12 db from flat ???? Also where in the spectrum the deviation takes place. i.e. A 6 db drop at 9khz is going to be much more apparent and have a greater effect on sound quality than say a 6db drop at 50hz or 20khz...Also a flat frequency response is not everything either...sometimes slight deviations at certain frequencies can have a Euphoric effect...or give an illusion of more detail or is for some reason appealing...So not only is frequency response important but deviation and at what frequency the deviation takes place is also important...along with other factors....

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