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Should I cut them out of my life?

I moved away to another state 2 years ago. My friends talked to me a lot in the first year after I moved. Texted me everyday and called me. Now Everytime i ask if they wanna call they make up an excuse at the last minute as to why they can't call. They've canceled on me Everytime and I don't know what I did wrong. They don't text me anymore unless I text them first and even then they respond hours later or not at all. Should I cut them out of my life?

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    They have moved on - as you should have done.  You should be making new friends where you are now.  It's normal for friendships to run their course and without daily contact they tend to cool off a bit.  Your old friends are still together and you are far away on the end of a text.  You now have nothing in common with any of them.  You do different things where you are to the things they do where they are.  The odd text to keep in touch is fine - and that's what they are doing.  Sounds to me like you want it all to be as it used to be when you lived near them.  It's not though because you don't live near them anymore.  You don't go to the same school.  You don't know the same people.  You have less in common with them so less to discuss.  Don't get upset about it.  Text casually and they can text you back casually too.  That way you keep the friendship but not the closeness unless you visit them from time to time when I'm sure they'll be pleased to see you.

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    Well, consider this verse at Proverbs 17:17 "A true friend shows love at all times And is a brother who is born for times of distress."

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    people make time for who they want to talk to, so yeah. they not doing anything that important where they can’t shoot you a text even to explain why they’ll text back late

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