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What is this condition called?

I have been alone since childhood and find it extremely hard to make friends and adapt. I feel like everything is fake and not genuine, I feel always loneliness and somehow distrust in relationships and people

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    I think the answer of CourtesyClerk is really good and also the answer of Adam.  All I would add to these answers is that therapy with a social worker or counselor can be extremely beneficial to you.  I know this sounds really frightening, to actually get yourself into a therapist's office, but it would give you more information and more support. Are you afraid to go outside?  That is called "agoraphobia"...Google it  There are so many ways to move ahead in your search for help.  Please Pick one.  

  • What you're describing sounds a lot like social anxiety. I know because I have it too. I've been doing a lot better the last 3-4 years with making friends but it's taken a lot of effort. The best thing I did for myself was get a part time job at a grocery store ( hence my username) and the customers and my coworkers are very friendly and they help me a lot with feeling comfortable around people 😊 So what I'd do is try to either get a job you like a lot or maybe volunteer somewhere 😊

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    It can be a number of things, social anxiety, dissociation, depression, or you could be spiritually awake, so you see the facade that people create, many people feel disconnected from the world, I recommend meditation to everyone. Youtube has great guided meditations. You can always associate with other people that feel the same as you do. I don't mind being alone, I actually like it. 

    Source(s): Own experience
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