In this case, there is a possibility to get terminate after probation period ?

Seems my tem leader dislike me.

*Due to her personal feeling.

Because i sometime feel ignored by her.

I never do wrong things though..

I m still in probation period. I scare to get terminate within probation period....



2 Answers

  • Her personal feelings towards you shouldn't be the cause of you getting fired. She has to find a better reason then not liking you to fire you. She has other things to do then pay attention to you all the time. You may be over thinking this too much.

    You may think you're doing things right, but she may think other wise. 

    You can get fired for any reason during a probation period.

    Have a chat with her, ask her if you need to improve on anything. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There is always a possibility of being "terminate" at any time.

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