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Took a Plan B. Period late. I'm just stupid and paranoid.?

So I was stupid and took a plan b pill only two days before my period was suppose to start. **** me, right?

Anyways, now I'm freaking out because I'm two days late on my period and now I'm thinking "Oh No WhAt If I'm PrEgNaNt?!?"

I know how ridiculous that sounds, but I still am worried. I've had sex 4 times in the past month, two times protected, two times withdrawal. One Plan B pill. Ugh. 

So how long could my period be delayed because of my Plan B pill, and how many days late until I should really start worrying?

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  • kelvin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    i hope you never get pregnant and our world is screwed if you have no clue on how to get pregnant

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you've conceived already Plan B won't do anything.  It works by delaying ovulation so if there's sperm around it will hopefully die off before it gets a chance to meet up with an egg.  If ovulation had already happened and you're in the luteal phase (after the fertile window) it doesn't prevent pregnancy either because you're not fertile at that point, so taking it just befoe your period is a waste of money.  It's just a great big landmine of hormones messing up your cycle.  Whatever your cycle was before it's reset from now on so it's not late as such.  The new normal is from when it decides to restart.  That's why Plan B should be the back up, back up plan, more like plan D (and it should come with a "his" pill that makes the guy feel bad and get ED for a week or so so they don't go round thinking it's no big deal).  It's hard to tell if you're coming or going if your cycle turns irregular.

    Since you're past when you were expecting your period it's not too soon to buy a test and find out one way or the other.  I'd tell you that you need a better long term game plan but I think you know that.  If you're serious about this guy it's not wrong to insist he helps out with the cost of protection since it's unfair for just one person to carry.

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