What could be wrong with my apartment A.C.?

I had maintenance come in a few times for it it's working now the first time it was making clunky noises and wasn't cooling at all, they said it was frozen over and it was really badly.  The second time they came in because it was starting to struggle again they said that it was filthy the other person didn't know what they where looking at apparently.

So the guy cleaned it all out for me pretty much a trash bag full of dirt,  I got a new filter and he said that it don't need Freon because it's cold air good blowing I've noticed the past few days I decided to always check under neath it it's an old unit where it goes with your body temp, very old and it formed a thin sheet of ice on both ends and then it melted no problem, it also did that today and melted I noticed that happens when I hear clunky noises.  

What is the issue with this that there not looking for?


I've been in this complex for this year 7yrs and this is just now acting up oddly.

Update 2:

Temp I have it at is in the 70's

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    The unit is low on Freon. When that happens there are two places that freeze up . One is inside where the evaporator coils are located. The other is outside where the compressor and fan are located. When the pressure of refrigerant (Freon )  gets below a certain pressure the unit will start to develop frost in either or both of those places until it stops working completely. The only way they can determine that is by putting gauges on the line to determine the pressure. Just noting that at a specific time the unit is blowing cold air isn't enough to properly diagnose the problem. Either these guys are lazy or not H VAC certified.

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    1 month ago

    Either the evaporator is very dirty, the blower is malfunctioning or the system is low on refrigerant.  A licensed HVAC technician with a manifold gauge and temperature clamps will give you a definite diagnosis. 

    You can make a rough diagnosis of your own by touching the suction line in the outside unit when the unit is running. There will be two lines connected to outside unit and  the suction line is the bigger line.  If the suction line is very cold (colder than a cold beer can), the evaporator is dirty or the blower is malfunctioning.  If the suction line is warm to the touch, the system is likely low on refrigerant.

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