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Boy asked in Home & GardenMaintenance & Repairs · 3 weeks ago

I mowed my air conditioner condenser unit, what should I do?

in my back yard I have a air conditioner condenser unit, what is it basically is this humongous fan, and the sides have these green metallic fins running down it protected by metal bars surrounding them. 

My push mower has wheels that moves on its own so you don't really have to push the mower to mow the lawn.

I bumped into my air conditioner condenser unit, thus bending the bars and the sign Lennox fell off of it and my mower rode right over the sign and it chewed it up and threw it into the mulch bag located behind the lawn mower

the condenser still works but there isn't any sign on it anymore and some of the bars protecting the metal fins are bent. 

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    3 weeks ago
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    Install a fence about one meter away from the unit on all sides with an access door so you do not mow it down again.  If the bent metal bars are not touching the fins, you leave it alone.  If they are, cut the bars just so they do not touch.

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