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Do you find high strung people to be very draining and rollercoaster moods?

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    Yes, I do and to the extremes.  One of them kept talking about her problems, and kept putting down one person, and it never stopped.  She eventually committed suicide!  Right now, I have a person who talks for two ours straight, and gulps air, and starts again before I can get a word in. She is the center of attention.  She needs psychological help but she is way too proud to admit she needs it.  So she uses me to drain her mind of all f her agitation, worry, etc. I'm  not a doctor of any kind but she reaches out to me in desperation.  It is so draining.  When I hear her voice, I have to consider if I have two hours to try to get through to her. 

  • martin
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    4 weeks ago

    Yes.  It doesn't pay to get stuck in a long-winded conversation with such people.

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