Should we reopen the economy right now because we will die more from economic starvation than Covid?


Covid will claim 3M lives, however the economic damage from such huge unemployment will claim more lives than that. Suicide, family violence, starvation, disease, family violence,lack of medical care and people being drunk.

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  • Zirp
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    1 month ago
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    You seriously want to sacrifice a few million lives, just so some multimillionnaires can get even richer?

    If a partial lockdown can ruin so much of our lives, maybe we need a different kind of economy

    or maybe just an Unconditional Basic Income

  • 1 month ago

    I believe the economic misery that is being caused is worse than the deaths that may happen by opening it us.  According to my doctor friend 95% of the people who catch it don't show any symptoms are they are very mild.  4% of the remaining 5% are over 70 years old; the remaining 1% are under 70.  The death rate of all people who catch is it is .3%, that is 3-tenths of one percent.  These people usually have other conditions that make them die.  So we are closing our economy for 3-tenths of one percent of the people who catch it and these are people who for the most part never took care of themselves, overweight, smoked, etc.  I saw on the news that it may have to be taken off the pandemic list soon as the statistics that put it on the list are falling below what is need to keep it on the list.

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