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Why am I thinking about my ex friend so much, so randomly?

Hi my fiancé had me break off a friendship with a man that I had grown emotionally close to. I told him my situation and we were both very hurt. He was offended and I was heartbroken.

We haven’t spoken in about 4 months. I feel like at the most random times, he’s all I think about and I get so depressed over it.

 Today I woke up from a dream about him. I had found him injured and I ran to him apologizing for not being there for him and crying trying to help him. Then our favorite movie was playing when I downstairs, still thinking of the dream. Then I feel like I heard his name everywhere I went. My closet shelf fell and OUR picture together fell right in front. I the. came across our old messages that I thought were deleted. 

And then I randomly burst into tears and NOW I FEEL SO WEIRD INSIDE. I’ve never seen him in a romantic perspective and saw him As only a friend. But I don’t know why he’s randomly  popping up in my head and why I’m so heartbroken over our friendship ending.

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    First of all, which is it?  You called him an ex friend, and then you called him an ex fiance.  You are acting as if you are in love with him.  Have you considered the possibility that you chose the wrong man to marry?  How many times did you think of your husband to be in the day you wrote about?  Four months have passed.  What will it be like when a whole year goes by?  Can your husband to be measure up to the boyfriend? Maybe all this confusion is trying to get your attention for a very good reason. 

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