Breaking promises in a relationship?

A couple months ago I walked in on my boyfriend watching porn. He promised after that happened he wouldn't watch porn while I'm in the house. So, I walked in on him watching porn again yesterday. I slept in our spare bedroom and pretty much avoided him all day today. When he got home from work he pretended like nothing happened. Later he came up behind me hugging me and kissing me telling me he loved me and I said that doesnt fix this. He didnt ask what could fix this, apologize or anything. He went in his office and talked to his business partner for about 4 hours.

I dont know what to do. I feel like I cant trust him, he promised this wouldn't happen again but it did. I feel like I'm always just going to assume hes in the other room jerking off now. And it really bothers me that he didnt even try to apologize or talk to me about it, just pretended it never happened. He had no time to resolve issues with me but could resolve business issues with his business partner.

I am sleeping in the other room again, he came In before bed and i explained my frustrations and he rolled his eyes, said he didn't have time for this and went to bed in our room.

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You cannot rule him, learn that. It is his choice not yours. If you do not like it, Leave.  He has nothing to apologize for...Its your problem, not his...Wait in time he will dump you...You are not his ruler, boss, his mom. Get over it or get out.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    You need to have more and better sex with him. Or stop cohabiting before marriage.

  • 3 months ago

    Try and sit him down during the day or evening and talk to him about it, unfortunately men will still watch porn, I couldn’t tell you why but my best friend going on. 12 years, her partner does exactly the same and tried hiding it, she said it made her feel like she’s not enough and was jealous and wondered if he wasn’t into her that much! 

    I told her the exact same thing I told you and they talked about it, he explained why he did it and that off course he loved her etc... and then me and my best friend. Found out a lot of our friends partners watched it. Whilst being in a serious relationship! It’s a man thing bu the looks of it,all their relationships are going very well and my best friend knows he does it, he doesn’t have any physical emotion or love towards whatever he watching on his sites, it’s just a release for him despite them have a very big sexual life! Don’t be worried. But sit him down when he’s not tired or busy or annoyed and have a word with him and if you don’t mind say to him that you don’t mind him doing once in a while so long as you don’t have to walk into seeing that! 

    Men will be men I’m afraid and so your best bet best bet is to go with it but set some kind of boundaries as such. My partner watched it from time to time and we even sometimes watch it together for a bit of kink and fun which made him really happy that I got included lol.

    I hope this help, hope you’re staying safe during these times and take care...

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