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Running 6 weeks, gaining weight?

Hey, there.  So I've been stably overweight for a few years.  In high school I ran track 800m and 1600m, so I figured after ten years I'd try to get back into light running since I am WFH due to covid for a while (at home can shower etc). So MWF lunch I do a 3 mile loop.  I try to run the better part of two miles (speed walking when I need to catch a breath), with a half mile warm up and cool down.  This is in addition to a 1.5 mile nightly walk I do with my wife. Anyway, since I started running I dropped five pounds then gained it all back, leaving me 2-4 pounds over my starting weight.  My round trip time has been improving, but besides taking my wife on a longer commute to pound town (totally worth it, don't get me wrong) I am not seeing any other results.  I haven't changed my diet at all, and while it is not excellent, it isn't awful, and relies on a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.  I know there can be some weight gain due to water and muscle etc, but running the better part of 2 miles three times a week, for almost two months, I'm not seeing any results (though I feel the pain!). 

What gives?

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    No change in diet, increase in exercise, with no weight loss and/or weight gain would typically mean increase in muscle mass (which weighs more, by volume, than fat). Take all your body measurements weekly - upper arms, chest, waist, hips, upper thighs, calves. That will help show you changes that the scales don't show you. Also take note of if your clothing is fitting the same, more snug, or a bit loose. Again, that is an indicator of changes in your body that the # on the scales may not make apparent. 


    Yes, your body weight may fluctuate up to 5 lbs from day to day, due to water weight changes. Also, make sure you're getting your heart rate up there when you run (not just a steady pace, easy run every time). You'll burn more calories if you push, and if you push for a period of time, then back off, then go faster, then back off. You can either time the intervals of intense/less intense or just use landmarks...spring to the next mailbox, then slow down and catch your breath (walk or slow run) then pick another landmark and go hard toward that, repeat for whatever duration you choose.

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    You just  need to persist and make your diet even more healthy or cut back the portions. Do take care.

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