is it OK for the USA to tell foreign students to leave USA if thier courses study goes online due to the covic 19 pandemic?

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  • 2 months ago
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    Maybe it is ok for safety reasons especially in the COVIC 19 era. but i do not think it should be compulsory. it should just be an advise. 

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    6 months ago

    It is advisable.  The plague is rampant in the USA and anyone who can leave should do so.

  • 6 months ago

      Imagine if you are me, you came to the US to study because you love the culture, you like the people, and you think you are getting the best education in this world. Then this outbreak happens, you can't go back home for another year so that's two years you can't see your family thousands of miles away. You are the victim in this pandemic but instead of sympathy from the people you thought are kind, loving, and professional, you get blamed, discriminated against, alienated, bullied for doing nothing. Just when you think things can't get any worse, there is this rule. You wanted to go back to the home you have been away from for years, but there is no way of getting a plane ticket during this pandemic. Your school doesn't offer in person classes because they care about people's health. The government forces you to leave the country and cancels your VISA when they know it's not safe and not possible because there is no way back home. 

      Even if you, or the government found a way to get you back to your home country, you will have to stay up all night to catch the live classes, meaning no sleep for three months. So, don't ask me why it is unfair, you are not an international student, you will never understand what we go through. After seeing what have been happening in the US this year, believe me, I don't want to be a part of any of this. A country who can't take care of its own people in times like this but instead points its knife at innocent international students forcing them out of the only place they can be. After the international protest on BLM and racism, the US is not getting any better. Instead it's only laying racist tones on another group. I am nothing but heartbroken after seeing everything that happened this year.

  • 6 months ago

    It has always been a requirement of student visas that the student is attending classes in-person, on-campus full-time so that their physical presence is ESSENTIAL to getting their education. Anyone doing classes online has no need to be physically present in the US. 

    Foreign students did get special consideration for spring term & were allowed to remain in US to complete the semester when schools suddenly switched mid-term. They were actually required under normal visa regulations in effect for many decades to depart immediately after last day of attending classes in-person, but they were granted special dispensation under the circumstances & travel bans. Now, unless they must be physically present in the classroom, labs, etc, they return home (or stay home). 

    It's perfectly rational! It is the law & it is in accord with regulations in effect long before online education was ever invented. Nothing new here. Unless it is NECESSARY for you attend classes in-person for face-to-face interaction with instructors, your physical presence in US is totally unnecessary. And you'll save a lot of money not having to pay all your living expenses, etc, in the US since you don't need to be here. Fair. Honest. Rational. Reasonable. If you do not attend classes in-person, if your physical presence in US is not essential to get an education, no entry/no remain in US. Not eligible for any visa under regulations in effect for decades.

    With the growing availability & popularity of online learning, I would expect existing student visa regulations to become far more restrictive over coming years for every country which offers such visas, and if any program is available online, no visa eligibility as in-person attendance would not be ESSENTIAL "Going to the office" is becoming obsolete in the working world, and working remotely is growing exponentially. Same with schooling. Expect student & employment visas to become increasingly rare in the future.

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  • 6 months ago

    Given how much international students are paying to study in the US, it seems harsh to sent them home; but then again, there are no face to face lessons going on to attend.

  • 6 months ago

    The USA isn't doing this. Trump is. He's trying to play to his supporters, who are mostly xenophobic. He wants to be re-elected, and doesn't care that international students bring millions of dollars into the economy every year. Many universities are suing over this, and there's a good chance that the courts will overturn this decision. No matter what he thinks, Trump is not a dictator, and this country is not a dictatorship. 

  • 6 months ago

    The US should probably not have let them in to begin with.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Why would they want to be in this shithole anyway?

  • GF
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    6 months ago

    Yes, it is absolutely ok and should be mandatory 

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