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How does overprotective parenting kids cause more harm?

I don’t get it, it is supposed to keep them safe from running into the street and get hit by a car when they’re playing. But I don’t know how does it cause more harm than good. 

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    Overprotecting a child will cause mental and emotional problems that parents might be not able to see. It affects their self-esteem as well as their ability to make decisions. Kids love to explore and find out who they are and what they like. If parents are constantly watching over them, they won't have that freedom. 

    Kids will develop lower academic performance, lower self-esteem as I mentioned, poor social skills, mental illness, and even drug and alcohol abuse. They will find ways to defy parents who are overprotective. They will find a way out through different people which are usually considered the bad crowd. 

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    Everyone parents differently. There nothing wrong with overprotecting your child and wanting to keep them safe. 

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    It's not "over" protective to keep your kids safe from physical harm. It's over the top if you constantly harangue them about every little thing they do IN CASE physical harm occurs. You do the practical stuff--you watch them in the yard, you tell them NO when they want to touch the hot stove, you tell them not to play in the street--but you cannot--absolutely cannot--keep your children from ALL harm. This is how humans learn--and though it might cause you anxiety, you can't stop it. 

    Let them be kids--and let them learn things by sometimes finding out they are harmful--or hurtful--but don't let them run rampant so that EVERYTHING is harmful or hurtful. 

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    It is up to each family to follow each rule that will prevent death among them. Nobody will want to look after disabled guys specially due to neglectful behavior from them.

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    Because they butt into their child's privacy, normalizing the mindset of "people can control my privacy" causing the child to get into unhealthy relationships, and can cause separation anxiety. In reality, it is counter protective because instead of stopping physical problems, it causes mental problems.

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    Overprotective (or helicopter) parenting isn't about safety, it's about control and maintaining control. Teaching your kids not to run into the street without looking both ways isn't helicopter parenting; following a healthy 8-year old up the steps of the slide at a park and then rushing down to catch them at the bottom--- that's more helicoptering and that prevents kids from taking normal risks and learning how to navigate. Kids who have a parent on top of them all the time have a tendency to be "stunted" as they grow older: trouble making and keeping friends, trouble with basic life skills, etc. 

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    Not letting them run into the street isn't overprotective at all, that's being a good parent. Being overprotective is sheltering them and not letting them learn things about the world around them. As for why It's bad to be overprotective, well it's bad because it doesn't give kids any chances at being independent and that's a skill they'll need in the real world. It's one thing to want them to be safe but you should also teach them independence and responsibility and that sometimes means letting them do things on their own.

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    Of course you don't let kids run into traffic but people go way beyond that. They don't let children play without padding on elbows, knees, helmets, and no running, no climbing etc. Parents protect the child so much that the child learns not to do anything or try anything and they become full of fear of life. They are coddled and spoiled and end up living in the basement at 40 years old being unable to get a job because it's scary and they might get hurt. Their brain is destroyed along with their life. 

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    when theyre trying to protect them from normal stuff theyre doing

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    Kids who are overprotected too long are not prepared for the real world, like when a boss yells at them.

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