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When it comes physical strength does size or gender matter more?

Assuming similar age, health and fitness level who would be stronger.

Case 1: 6'0 190 pound man or 6'2 210 pound woman

Case 2: 5'3 110 pound man or 6'7 250 pound woman

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    If the fitness level is truly equal - then in case 1 it could go either way.  If the man and woman was to compete in a "strong man" contest - the end result could end up going to either one of them - but if I was to gamble on the outcome - I would probably place it on the man.

    In case 2 - the woman would probably win.  Body size does matter to a certain extent and a larger build - larger frame usually gives the person more strength.

    Based on gender - men are usually stronger than women.  It is in the basic genetics of how humans are designed.  But if you exam enough people, you will find certain women who are stronger than certain men.  In many cases, it is based on body size differences.  

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    depends on individual. there are correlations between gender and size, but there are exceptions.

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    DNA matters,  chum.

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    Any man who weighs less than 200lbs is a woman.  - bodybuilder proverb

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