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Foot pain ONLY on long distance runs?

I have had pain in long distance runs for the past year and a half. It’s a pain that’s almost like stepping on a rock each step. Once I stop running, the pain near instantly subsides. I have tried new shoes, loose laces, taking time off, slowly increasing mileage, stretches, strength training, and I have even seen a doctor twice but they offer orthotics which also haven’t worked. What should I do?

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    I did a quick search on 'when running feels like running on rocks, and found this resource, on metatarsalgia, that may offer some info you haven't heard yet. One of the symptoms is feeling like a rock/marble is in your shoe.

    This resource about Morton's neuroma, which also has that rock/stone symptom, might be useful too

    If either of those conditions sound like what you are dealing with, you can do a specific search on that condition, for more info on how to deal with it.

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    Hmmm. You've done everything you should have done. 

    Orthoses (orthotics) should have been the change that is most likely to work.

    When you were prescribed the orthoses, you should have also received advice on what type and size of running shoe to use. Wearing the orthoses with the wrong type of running shoe can be counterproductive. It might help if you and the orthotic technician were to select a shoe, and then design the orthosis to match you and the shoe. 

    You might try a different doctor. 

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    maybe you should try seeing another doctor

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