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Is this a healthy lifestyle ?

Breakfast :: cup of grape & a pollo cheese stick

Followed by a workout  Lunch :: seven spears of asparagus & tuna over topDinner :: small grilled chicken ceaser salad & 1 garlic knot Followed by a workout 64ounce of water , Throughout the day . 

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    It sounds like not enough food.

    Add two or three healthy snacks and it should be fine.  (in fact - your "breakfast" sounds like a good snack - eat a better breakfast and make that one of your snacks.)

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    No it is not, and in fact that reads very much like that of someone who's suffering from anorexia. That adds up to at best maybe six hundred fifty to seven hundred calories. However it's more likely less than five hundred. There's neither enough calories as well as being very nutrient deficient. The best one of the nutrients might be vitamin C, and even that's doubtful to make it much if past the recommended daily allowance. The overall total protein intake doesn't look to make it to fourty grams. That's short of what you need.

  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like a crash diet for people who're desperate to lose weight. Definitely not sustainable in the long run.

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    Uh....where's the food?  This is all too little.  Double each portion.

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