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Ryan asked in SportsFootballEnglish Football · 4 weeks ago

Can't believe I'm writing this but it finally looks like Leeds are going up, any ideas for how next season might go for them?

Bielsa staying would be a big draw for players and they might be willing to splash the cash now they are in the epl again but like we saw with Fulham and now Villa spend 100 million doesn't guarantee you top flight status. As of now I don't see Leeds staying up next season but we will have a better idea once we know if the manager is staying as he is linked with moves away every 5 minutes and we will see their transfers ins and outs and even the fixture list might influence our predictions but for now I think Leeds would go straight back down and at best will only just stay up in 17th or 16th place which for a first season back in the top flight Leeds fans would be happy enough just to survive I'm sure

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  • F
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    3 weeks ago

    Like nearly  all promoted teams I think they’ll struggle. Spending big is a waste if you. just bring in also rans that don’t gel as a team.

  • Adam
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    3 weeks ago

    My worry for Leeds is that Bielsa's teams normally suffer an end of season drop off (this season is an exception as they've effectively had another pre-season). You don't want a drop off towards the end of a relegation fight. I do think however they will stay up then Bielsa will move on

  • 3 weeks ago

    I think leeds will be ok hopefully for August they spend abit of money (not on che adams) and have a bit of luck which all teams need.They have a top class manager who could had left probably for Arsenal before arteta arrival.They will be fine.

  • August
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    3 weeks ago

    I'm not getting too excited about the Stoke result as they are a poor team that will only survive if/when Wigan get the points deduction.Something in the back on my mind tells me that Bielsa will move on with a "Mission Accomplished " badge on his lapel and blue bucket. The Leeds fans have been here before and suffered with Lampard's Spygate charge and were fined £200,000-all that because he was spotted using binoculars. Thankfully there are no fans to tear up towns and hinder our chances. Bournemouth were graced with all our emotion when we got promoted last time.  

    I have a 20 year season ticket and i would sincerely love to see the likes of Man Utd/City and Liverpool play us at ER. As regards to how well they do is depends on too many scenarios but i do agree with Ryan and would be grateful to still be in the PL at the end of next season 

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  • well they don't have Casilla in goal which may be a blessing in disguise,   and stopping chances isn't a priority,  which still makes every fixture left interesting should opponents score first,  but they dismantled Stoke in the end and it would be a minor calamity if the didn't reach automatic promotion now......funny you say that was talking to aLeeds fan friend other day,,,,,,who lets say tells tall stories lol and he was claiming Leeds will cement their place in the EPL,   and that they will spend money  like they did this season,   that's where i checked him claim and found according to websites  they have spent nothing this season, though the game the other day did say they have now spent 20 mil i think  on a player they bought from Wolves...so one of these sources at least is wrong.....their owner though is a tight fisted canny italian,  but in any event they will cause many teams problems in the almost inevitavle xase they are duely promoted   ...im pretty sure of that....

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Yes, years ago the mighty Leeds were more often referred to as the dreaded Leeds or hated Leeds because of the fan rep but these days I don't do tribal and I am good with Leeds getting back in the top flight. I was one of the lucky ones and when I first got hooked on footy it was the early1970's and it was just the beautiful game until the explosion of violence mid 70's which was a bit of a mystery really. I can recall most of the Leeds players at that time and well remember the Centenary Cup Final. It was a cracker and the goal by Alan Clark was magnificent as was the work by Mick Jones.

    Too long in the shadows oh mighty Leeds but welcome back ... if you get there and I am guessing a probable yes.

    Looking back I think those three finals, 1971, 1972 and 1973 were probably three of the best ever in some ways. They had just about everything.

    My son also became a part time Leeds fan when he was at Uni up there and I was delighted to come and visit him and really liked the place. Mind you I also liked Sheffield. lol?

    Investment needed and a strong and competitive back four. Shrewd scouts, a very active youth policy and a bit of luck and who knows Leeds could very easily be a top side once again. 

    Incidentally, Greenwood for England? What a talent. The lad has a rocket of a shot a bit like a modern day Peter Lorimer.

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