Is a foreign international business degree useful in the U.S?

I would like to major in International Business and attend college in the Republic of Korea. But, my only concern that is if I decided to come back to the U.S that my degree would be a lot less useful since it is from a foreign country. But with international business would it still be useful here? I'm not sure who to ask these questions to so here I am. 

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    A foreign degree typically is NOT of any use. First, biz degrees are a major glut in US & most other markets. With a foreign degree, you know nothing about US employment law, or US tax law & tax accounting, etc. For entry-level jobs, you're at a severe disadvantage. 

    For someone with experience who needs exceptional international background, then Thunderbird (It's still called that tho name officially changed years ago) in Arizona, INSEAD in Paris, certain other exceptional schools specializing in international business can be a serious advantage - IF you are also multilingual, have extensive experience, and are going for some exceptionally specialized niche. A bachelor's degree (e.g. BBA, etc.) from Korea, even if you are fluent in Korean & English, would likely put you at a serious disadvantage to working in US if you are US citizen. If not US citizen, you are not working in US anyway.

  • 4 weeks ago

    plainly, American companies do business with Korean companies all the time ... and, we hope, will do even more in the future.  So, as an employee of an American company somewhen in the future, your special niche would be dealing with Korean suppliers and potential Korean suppliers.  Some American companies that might be interested would also have you deal with other, non-Chinese suppliers in the Far East ... your Korean degree would likely be excellent preparation for that, too.

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