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should I wait for him? ?

the boy I’m talking to told me that hes interested in me and wants something eventually but he still needs time to heal from a breakup and that he’s not over her yet (they broke up 6months ago & she’s in a new relationship) but I’m not sure if I should be here for him while he’s healing or move on. 


Should I say something to him about it? If I do, any ideas of how to go about it without hurting his feelings? 

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    If you're in your teen years, just enjoy dating and have fun.  Maybe stop dreaming of the wedding to this guy because it's not going to happen.  And if he's still emotionally attached to some other girl, why would you sit around waiting?  I think the message "i'm still attached to my ex" actually means "i'm not attracted to you and it's not going to happen".  

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    Tell him he has 3 months!

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    Start out with friendship 

    (friends are allowed to spend time together)

    When I do it, I consider it A DATE.  It's just Not romantic... YET.

    Dating is the best way to get to know someone.  Dating is sending time together, to make sure or find out IF YOU WANT MORE.

    Some people just make Good Friends.

    I have date Beautiful women who turned out to be Bytches.

    Feel sorry for the guy thats dating them now.

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