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How do I respond best when my parents use me as a weapon against enemies of theirs in the family?

They have a long history of using me against others. A few years ago it was an aunt and even though I am an adult living on my own they got mad when I saw the aunt because I am not supposed to speak to her since she is hostile to my parents. Then it was in-laws of my Mom's she had personality clashes with. They tried to make it difficult for me to see them and thus caused me anxiety at holidays. Since I have anxiety disorders they use that against me and say "it is your OCD making you see your aunt" when it is good will and the OCD part is what my parents made, not others.

I have an uncle getting divorced and so the family hates his now ex-wife. His daughter won't talk to him. I don't want to be in trouble when I see his daughter and am pleasant or if her mother is with her then his daughter and ex-wife. His daughter has a grandparent who is ill so I suspect I will go to the funeral for their other grandparents (probably just the viewing) for my cousins' sake when this grandparent of theirs dies. My parents will be livid because I will be associating with people hostile to the uncle.

So how do I respond when I get used like this?

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    if youre living with them move out

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