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I'm not losing weight anymore?

Since we are dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic, I have done workouts inside of the house and so far I have lost 10 lbs. Unfortunately, I gained 3lbs back and I worry if I will go back to my previous weight. Maybe it could be because I haven't switched cardio, because I have been restricting my meals and my snacking. I have been doing the same cardio workout for 4 months now, maybe its time to look for another one. I'm not sure if it could also be water weight. Thanks for helping.

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    Diet is 75% of weight loss and exercise only 25%.

    Early weight loss is mostly water and glycogen body starch. Diet vs exercise has to do with how overweight.

    If you needed to lose more than 10 pounds, diet was and is critical.

    "restricting" is not the same as managing nutrition.

    Best diets

    And, for added information, the exact same exercise burns fewer calories in each session. Muscles improve in efficiency and in lower weight do less work.

    Glycogen body starch is 4 Calories per gram but holds 2 to 3 times its weight in water. Body fat is 9 Calories per gram and holds 25% water (0.25 times its weight).

    Building muscle gains weight.

    Without initial height and weight and gender and age, and current height and weight, and general structure, there is nothing else to answer.

    You definitely misjudge the exercise vs diet.

    And avoid processed meats and zero calories sweeteners and other human created chemical additions to food, other than vitamins. Some studies show these doing harm.

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    Change of diet is the best way to lose weight. Exercise is really just for being more healthy, losing weight from exercise is just a bonus. You need to do extensive cardio for that. There's no reason why you can't go out and exercise, Corona or not. Just keep distance.

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