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Why don't Christians actually believe in the Bible?

I have actually been a Christian for a long time now and I've even noticed that most Christians don't actually follow the Bible. And a lot of them are Christians who do out right preach their beliefs towards others while also sinning. I'm talking about them being too fat gluttony is a sin. They have facial hear when the Bible does say have a clean face. Also don't tell me that since Jesus died you sinning is okay because Jesus does say he did not come to get rid of the old laws. And Christians who do preach to others don't like it when you warn them about their sins so it's like I can't warn them even though I love them. And I do love the sinner hate the sin.

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    Unfortunately the bible itself can be unclear. For example, Jesus did say that he did not come to abolish the law but he added that he came to fulfill them. Jesus and his disciples did not follow many of the rules/laws where one has to wonder if Jesus meant certain laws rather than all of the laws. They did not follow the rule for working on the Sabbath. They did not follow the ritual hand washing rules before eating. Jesus also said no food can defile a person throwing out the dietary rules from the OT. When you add this and other rules that did not seem to apply to Jesus and his disciples, if you are attempting to maintain the bible is without error, then the verse about not abolishing the law but fulfilling it must be re-interpreted.

  • True Christians live by The Bible knowing it in it's entirety is the inspired word of God. Being overweight is not a sin as many factors can cause a person to be overweight. Facial hair is not mentioned in the Christian Greek Scriptures, customs for where you live would come into play as God just asks us to be modest in dress and groom. And for you, does not the Bible tell us not to judge others. 

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    Just on one point here:  the Bible is very keen on men having beards.  Leviticus 21:5, 19:27; Jeremiah 41:5.

    But as for the rest, I agree and it's persuaded me that the Holy Spirit cannot exist as we understand her and that Jesus was not divine.

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    I follow the bible and our Lord Jesus the best way I can. Yes I'm a sinner I can not say I'm not. Trying not to be. Every day being overweight it a struggle. Growing up like this is no fun. Dieting and exercising is a daily challenge. If you see me you would not believe that I'm a vegan and I am allergic to wheat and gluten.

    But without Jesus I would have taking my life along ago. He is my rock. I have to remind myself that my spirit is not overweight. It is beautiful. 

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  • Paul
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    We understand the Bible, subject to authoritative and accurate interpretation. Not according to the random guesses of individuals with no source of such authority. Do you seriously believe that Jesus shaved every day???

  • Anonymous
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    A person can better know the true meanings of Bible verses by reciting the rosary every day with care and sincerity.

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    We were not called to follow the Bible.  It’s not a rule book.  Jesus calls us to follow him.

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    I do think there is truth in what you are saying, I actually do agree with some of that. 

    The Bible warns against being lukewarm, “because you are neither hot nor cold I’ll spit you out” (Forgot exact verse and passage) 

    It also says somewhere that his word is forever and it’s easier for heaven and hell to pass away then his word. He came to fulfill the word not abolish it. It’s forever. The thing with the being shaved that is focusing on law, law in Old Testament had been fulfilled by Jesus’s resurrection. The law won’t save or hurt you. 

    It also mentions how nothing we can do law/work wise will save us from Hell, only a relationship with God Will but at same time our works show our love for him.

    So basically what I get out of it is focus on having a relationship and not a religion. If you say you follow God then that means you should keep growing, read the Bible, keep commandments, and turn from sin. Lukewarmness and habitual sin Shows your heart, your not fully for God and that’s an issue. 

    Don’t be like the churches and Gentiles that say empty phrases and just want to be seen/want the title. So many, even believers are living a lie. You are on to something, keep on it 

  • Christians believe because they want to sin without feeling guilty or suffering the consequences.

    And the Bible doesn't say anything about facial hair, preaching to others when they don't like it, or love the sinner, hate the sin". You clearly have never read it.

    You are a hypocrite right along with the rest of them 

  • gillie
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    They're expert cherry pickers.  They have excuses for not following every single one of the teachings that they don't feel like following but will slam anyone who doesn't follow one of the passages they've decided should be followed.

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