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Many have discussed how each of the poems you have read is subject to the relationship of Rising Action, Climax and Falling Action. Please explain how the climactic moment in each of the epic poems you have read (Gilgamesh, Odyssey) leads to a reversal and the so-called falling action of the poems. To answer this, you need to explain when the Climax occurs in each poem, how it reverses actions and events and eventually shapes the main characters’ fate in the falling action of the poem. Write separately for each poem. Start with Gilgamesh, then The Odyssey. About 100-200 words for each case.

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    Ah yes - the discussions. Many indeed, Mike. We'll never see the likes of those days again, alas. The good old days!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No one cares to do your homework, Michael.

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