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Should we return the mice back to the pet store?

Today, my mom and I bought two mice from our local pet store. We noticed that a few hours later, one of the mice has been resting non stop in a hideaway and it looks ill. The other mouse has been drinking a ton of water so that one might be ill too. 

Tomorrow, we are going to return them to the pet store. We don't want to take a chance that we get sick if they are sick because we will he handling them. 

Do you think this is okay to do?


It's kind of bad because my mom wanted them but I feel bad that we have to return them

Update 2:

Another reason for returning is because we didn't consult my brother and he wouldn't like the smell or noise

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    If this is a normal pet store, you are probably not going to get sick from the mice. One hiding may be scared. You would hide, too, if you were shipped to a store, then caught, put in a box, and placed in a new home with only one other mouse - and people staring at you.

    The mouse drinking a lot of water may be thirsty from heat. If it is hot in your home, the mice will be thirsty. 

    You can return them, but remember these mice may be repurchased by someone feeding them to a snake or other lizard. Be sure the enclosure you have them in, is proper temperature.

    Be sure you have enough bedding and lots of places for them to burrow and hide. You can return them, or give them a good life for as long as they have. Offer plenty of different sort of foods. For the smell: Clean and change the litter very often.

    A note about mice: Most say they are very smart. Mice will poop in your hand. Many rodents will do this. I would stay away from rats, because they are hard to rehome if you don't like them, need lots and lots of stimulation and things to do in order to not get bored, need to be out of their cages a lot, and lots of people will take them for snake food. They will not think twice about this. 

    Maybe, you would like to keep fish.

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    Not only okay.  You might have split up mice marriages.  They would be heart broken for life.

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    Well, it can take mice a day or few to settle into a new home and feel safe.

    Give them a chance and they will be more like mice.

    As for smells, they do, but not offensive if you stay on top of cage cleaning.

    See they have plenty of room and places to hide, that helps a lot.

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