Am I pregnant? ?

I haven’t had my period since April (currently July). However, I am irregular sometimes, but this irregular cycle is a bad time. The guy I had sex with and I used condoms, and he seems to have experience with it since he slept with way more people than I have. I don’t show any symptoms, but I might be paranoid. I’m not exhausted or have thrown up and such. Feel free to ask more questions, and I’ll answer. I also took a pregnancy test, and it was all negative. However, I read other yahoo answers, and it seems like it’s common. Lastly, I had sex with him in the beginning of May and kept going once every two or three weeks 

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    1 month ago
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    Time to make a gynecologist appointment.  There could be a health reason behind missing two months of your period.  If you've taken pregnancy tests and are coming up with negative at this point, you are NOT pregnant.  The HCG would have turned the test positive if you were.  Definitely get this sorted by your gynecologist ASAP.  

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