I really want to be attracted?

So I haven't had a crush in five years and I have been going out but the guys I come in contact with just don't have anything attractive about them. I mean they're nice guys but I just don't feel it. Five years ago the guy I saw was really attractive but he didn't have to do anything. He was just attractive just standing there. I can't figure out what was so attractive about him the same reason why I can't force myself to be attracted to anyone.


Surprisingly, I don't care about height. That guy was just extremely attractive since I'm not usually attracted to men in general. I don't know what made him attractive. An ugly man would always be ugly no matter how tall he is. Only an attractive man would benefit from being tall.

Update 2:

Don't criticize women for having high standards when you men are out there rating women on their bodies. Of course it's only acceptable to be superficial when men are doing it but not acceptable when women do it. According to you, the most sexy and gorgeous women are supposed end up with ugly toads just to give them a chance but the ugly and nerdy girls are supposed to just accept their fates.

Update 3:

I don't care about money. I am not a gold digger. You can try to bribe me with any material thing and it will not work. You know why? Because I already have it. I am also not stupid. Just because a guy has a Porsche doesn't mean he owns it. And even if he owns it I don't give two shits.

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  • 1 month ago

    LOL! Age old story. You're only attracted to cave men and then one day, you wake up, look at your husband and realize he's a cave man and you look at the young lady in the Porsche and she's married to one of the nice guys that you weren't into. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sounds like you have high standards. Nothing wrong with that. Next time you find a guy attractive, do something about it. Don’t just let him go about his day and become a memory. Talk to him and ask him out 

  • 1 month ago

    maybe someday you'll find someone

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