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Can I get her back in my arms?

She said “ I don’t know if ima talk to you anymore because I only make you mad. I never make you happy. I’m not enough. You deserve better. You’re out of my league. Sorry for everything.“ I asked her if she was coming back and she said “idk I don’t want to leave you but i just don’t know how to make you happy.” She’s insecure. She unfriended me on our only source of contact. I miss her. She means the world to me. I love her so much.

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  • She was trying to be nice.  Take the hint.  Move on.  It's not going to happen.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    If you love her so much you should help her feel secure in who she is and help build her up to have confidence to have self-worth the value herself. All the things that she’s saying that she can’t do somehow unconsciously you have taught her to believe that so she doesn’t know any better. I have a daughter and that thinks I’m selfish and I did nothing wrong but we don’t talk because I’m not apologizing for not doing anything. I just be honest with her she don’t like it so she don’t like me no more. I love her and made many attempts to set boundaries work on communication. 

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    i would talk to her about it

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