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Pet mouse was bitten by a cat?

I've recently gotten a couple of mice but late last night my brother's cat snuck into the room they're in and broke into the enclosure. The cat wasn't in there long but when I took the mice out to examine them one of them was bleeding quite a bit out of an open wound under her left armpit area. There's not a lot of information on how to help pet mice online as they're normally seen as pests so I did what I could and used a small amount of flour to slow down the bleeding. This morning I checked on her and she's acting completely normal and it looks like she cleaned the wound but it's very difficult to see since it's on her underside. I'm planning on taking her to the vet just to make sure that she's ok since I've heard cats can have a lot of bacteria in their mouths and on their claws. Is there anything safe that I can do in the meantime though to either help get rid of bacteria in the wound or help with pain (she doesn't seem like she's in pain but I know as prey animals they can hide it very well). I feel horrible and I'm really disappointed in myself for allowing this to happen. I'm working on making the enclosure more secure so it never happens again. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    She needs to see a vet asap. Don't wait. 

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    You need to get her to the vets and  the sooner the better, as you are right cats mouth are full of nasty bacteria and small rodents and birds bodies are at much high risk of it killing them.

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