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What documents other than an valid American passport can a us citizen enter the U.S with?

I tried to renew my U.S passport but due to COVID-19 I couldn’t get one set of supporting document I needed within 90 days. Now I have an emergency and would like to get back but can’t since all I have is my birth certificate, other non U.S government id’s, a very old expired U.S passport, a receipt from paying to renew my passport and a  few other baby documents. I’m 20 btw. I don’t have the funds to visit the embassy again.

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    Technically, you need a passport.  You are unlikely to be deported if you don't have one, but most airlines won't take you to the US without one. 

    Call.  I once lost my passport and the Consulate wrote me a letter saying that it was an emergency and they couldn't get me the passport.  I traveled all over on this letter and nobody gave it a second thought.  But they were easy borders.

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    Really depends on how youare traveling and where from, any international flights will not accept you travelling without a passport and the only 'other way' is to go to the US embassy prove who you are and get an emergency travel document

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    If entering at a land crossing, you can use an enhanced drivers license. (Only issued by  Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Washington)

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    An emergency travel document as issued by the US Consulate in whatever nation you're currently in. 

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