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Are hallucinations in the dark normal?

This has been going on for as long as I can remember, the majority of the time they occur at night but they can sometimes happen in the day though not as often at all. When it's dark I see people, figures, animals, etc. (mostly people though) very clearly. Sometimes just standing there, sometimes running or moving toward me. Sometimes I can tell when my brain is creating them, where I'm staring at them as they become more and more solid and I can try to turn my thoughts away and make them disappear. Other times it's very sudden, usually when the hallucination is coming toward me and I get so freaked out I try to hide. Sometimes I'll feel movement on my bed or something grabbing or touching me, like actual physical weight. Sometimes I'll hear voices talking in the background or calling out my name when no one is actually there.

More common, I see figures and faces in objects too, so when it's dark I can't focus on them for too long because I'm aware of my brain creating things in them.Mirrors I can't look at in the dark at all, but I think that's also common. I have a closet with mirrors for a sliding door, and had to get a curtain to put over it so I wouldn't see the mirror. If I look in one when it's dark my face or things around me gets distorted or looks wrong or things appear in it.I'll add that I have incredibly intrusive thoughts, and my brain often creates horrible visions in my head at night where I have little to no control at all with trying to get rid of them.

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    What Issac said.  It's not that rare but yours seem more extreme than common.  I'm another one wakened by phantom doorbells and often my bed seems to move like someone has sat down on it.  When I'm stressed I'm very prone to night terrors.  I've always thought that's a misnomer because when they happen I'm convinced that I'm awake even though I'm not.  As far as I understand these hallucinations are caused by glitches in the brain where parts that should shut down for sleep don't shut down properly or start up too soon in the wrong order.  Basically, it's like microsoft are running the software.

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    No. This sounds demonic. Choose God. Choose light. John 3.16.

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    Hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations aren't all that rare. I get them a LOT. I hear the doorbell ring at 2 in the morning. It's nobody. I see spiders. I've seen GI Joe dolls rappelling from the top bunk (I was on guard duty and I wasn't sleeping enough). Your experience sounds worse though. It's hard to ignore things when you're half asleep. I feel for you. 

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