How do I get my crush to like me back?

I am a girl, and he’s a guy. We’re both in the same class at high school and we’re kind of friends. He is one of those guys who is obsessed with world war 2, and even though I know a pretty good amount of ww2 history it’s nothing compared to what he knows. I was wondering, is there any crucial ww2 knowledge that I would need to impress him, or something like that?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Just look up “unbelievable facts about ww2” or the Holocaust, and randomly be like “hey did you know blah blah blah” and yeah maybe that will peak his interest and make him want to talk to you more. But yeah don’t keep sucking up to him and pretending you’re someone you’re not. Just use that to break the ice. Afterwards if he tries to go deeper into the convo just jokingly say you randomly saw it on YT or something and you don’t know too much. Use that opportunity to branch into smth like “yeah what do you watch on YouTube?” or “can you recommend any other videos for me to watch?” And ppl love to talk about themselves so that should snag him.  At that point he’s looking and talking to you so that’s really all that matters.

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