is four batteries enough to run a refrigerator overnite?

i hav a 3.2cu artic king n four 6v 225ah trojan bateries. this enough bateries to run this fridge?


I'm running off of solar and an inverter

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  • 4 months ago
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    Hey Rebel, that little fridge will run fine on 4 Trojan T-105 batteries. For comparison, we have a bank of 4 Trojan T-105 batteries, same as yours. At 225 Amp hours they have a theoretical storage capacity of 6 volts X 225 AH = 1350 watt hours, or 1.35 kilowatt hours each (KWh). Four of them hold 5.3 kWh. Our entire cabin, full size fridge, mini freezer, TV, stereo, lights and fans only uses 6.5 kWh a day. Those four batteries we keep attached to our inverter can easily run the house all night, then our solar array picks up the loads and recharges the batteries for the next night. We are tied to the grid here, but our power goes out sometimes. I’ve never had a problem getting through the night.

    To be clear, the T-105 holds 1.35 kWh, but in routine use you only want to access half of it each night or those lead acid cells will degrade prematurely. You can run that little fridge and a few LED strip lights plus a radio each evening without any trouble, provided your solar array is large enough to bring it all back up during the day. Our place has a 1.4 kw array, it’s just a little small for the job, should be closer to 1.8 for all our use. Your camper would probably be fine with maybe 600-800 watts of solar. 

    We just set my son up with a camping trailer we built with that same fridge. He’s plugged into shore power there though so I don’t have good data on the power usage on it. It’s been a good fridge for him though, quite, and when it’s running I think it’s only using about 95 watts. Good luck with the project, and take care, Rudydoo.

  • elhigh
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    4 months ago

    SHORT ANSWER: YES.  It's plenty to run it overnight.


    How many amps and what voltage for that fridge?

    Never mind.  I looked it up.  But in the future when asking questions of this sort, that kind of information is important.  The info is on a sticker right there, open the door and you can see it.

    By a couple of different references that fridge uses 270-360 kW-h per year.  Let's take the worst case so we don't accidentally tell you that you have enough battery.  This way, if I tell you you have enough battery, you absolutely do.

    Call it needing 1 kW-h per day.  That's the worst case.

    6v 225ah batteries = over 1 kW-h already.  And you have four of them.  So right there, we know for a fact that you have plenty of battery to keep the fridge running overnight.  Two whole days in fact, and still have some wiggle room for a possible third if necessary.  After that, you're getting close to the outer limit of what the batteries can provide.

    But if you have solar providing power during the day, and enough surplus to recharge the batteries, then you should be in good shape pretty much forever.  A single 300-w panel may be enough to keep everything topped up; better would be to have three panels, and replace your bottom water heater element with a DC element to act as a dump load for when the batteries are completely full and nothing else is drawing.

    A couple of things to know:

    That 225ah rating is for a modest draw that will drain the battery over 20 hours.  Yes, it's kind of a goofy rating system.  So it'll give you 11 amps for 20 hours.  Try to pull more power than that and it won't deliver the full 225ah, and the harder you draw, the less you get.  BUT: your fridge probably only needs about 200 watts; that's about 9 amps at the 24v of your battery string (I'm rounding up to accommodate inverter losses and, again, build in a guesstimation margin of error).  And since the refrigerator's compressor isn't actually running 24/7, that 225ah should easily deliver a couple days' worth of operation.  

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You will find out by experimentation.

  • 4 months ago

    Your not telling me the voltage and amp required by the refrigerator

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  • Barry
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    4 months ago

    No. The fridge will only run on AC power. Batteries are DC.

  • 4 months ago

    look up the power needs of the unit online.  multiply out the voltage times the amps to get watts.  add ten percent for inefficiency.  compare this to 6v times four units times 225 ah ... total capacity of 5,400 watt hours.  then divide by the length of time that 'overnight' represents ... [if that is 12, for example, your answer is 450 watts]

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  • 4 months ago

    I would Never operate a refrigerator on "battery" power 

    except in an RV while going down the road, 

    in which case it would actually be running on energy from the vehicle's alternator.  



  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Is the fridge AC powered?  It will not run on batteries if so.  You need a generator.

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