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Why do I suddenly have panic disorder and how do I get through each panic attack?

I’ve had anxiety my whole life but one day while listening to a friend talk about a story, I got a wave of heat and feeling of fear. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks every day now and there’s not a time I do feel good. I did mushrooms a few days earlier but I don’t think that’s the cause. Is it just something to was bound to happen and how do I help myself through a panic attack 

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    You can try and calm yourself with your breathing. When I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack I close my eyes and take deep breaths in and out 3 seconds each. It’ll help slow your heart rate down. Just focus on counting and your breath with your eyes closed. If you’re mind wanders back to panicking that’s ok just refocus on breathing again. 

    Also therapy is good if you have bad anxiety. I just did 3 months and my therapist gave me lots of different techniques and exercises to do that really help with my anxiety. It’s worth a shot. 

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    maybe you should get some counseling

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