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Is 11 degrees celsius cold?

I want to go running at like 3:30 am to 5:00 am and it'll be like 11-12 degrees celsius. Is that cold? What should I wear? 

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    It's somewhere in the middle.  Wear t-shirt and shorts.  I've run like this in the snow.  Once you get going, you will soon warm up.

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    The internet has many pages that convert C to F. 11° C is about 52°F. Consider when you run outdoors you should dress as if it's 20° warmer than it actually is (because your body quickly heats up), so dress for 72° F. Shorts and short sleeves would be good, or even a tank top if you aren't cold-natured. 

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    It's 51,8 degrees F. Not particularly cold but worth a jacket.

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    That's about 52 degrees F. That's good weather for most runners. In general, wear a cap or sweat band, shirt, shorts, socks, and running shoes. 

    If you are a slower runner, bring a long sleeve top along. Tie it around your waste or over a shoulder. Also, bring some lightweight gloves. 

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  • 11C is around 51-54 degrees Fahrenheit.  Some people might find that cold.  Others won't.  If that's cold to you then I'd wear layers.

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    That's 51 degrees Fahrenheit.  If it isn't windy, that's great weather for running.  A t-shirt and shorts should be plenty.

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    3 months ago

    Yes, it's too cold.  It's like 50 degrees Farenheit.

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