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I am 45 female. How can I meet guys to get married?

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    You can try using a serious online dating app? but if you do not feel comfortable meeting strangers (which I wouldn't haha) , maybe ask your girlfriends to set you up with someone they already know? so you know hes not psycho. You can also just go out to places where you will meet people your age. Go out to bars, clubs that isnt full of teenagers. do your research on those clubs they are out there! you can also try going to country clubs where alot of men go to golf. Dont worry, im sure you will find someone, don't stress, just live your best life and he will come around. you might feel like you're running out of time to find "the one" but you're okay!! you have plenty of life ahead of you, make the most of it and do whatever you want !! the right guy will come around at the right time :) 

  • 4 weeks ago

    be careful that there are scammers online and fraudulent. I have dealt with nigerians. 

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