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Is it possible that he did this?

I was video chatting with this guy and when we were video chatting, I was nude (Because I was doing sexual things for him) and I saw him move his phone around and I think I saw another guy's face on his laptop screen and the website looked kinda looked like some kind of video chatting website. Was he showing me to someone else while we were video chatting?

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    It's entirely possible, yes.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Sounds like it doesn't it.  Aren't you foolish.  I bet you feel rather foolish now.  Just think - if you were a real porn star you'd be getting really good money for what you have given this guy and his mates (or maybe his paying clients) for free.  Stop whipping your clothing off for strange men online.  It's not a good idea for your reputation in later years when your much-loved prospective husband and father of your children is suddenly shown your porny videos the night before the wedding.

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