Ear stretching blowout (Question)?

I recently tried to stretch my ears to 22mm. The next size up from what I had been previously been for almost a year. And my ears both had severe blowouts. No idea why. Definitely didn’t rush the process. They’re almost healed but they shrunk down significantly. At least 4 sizes. Is this normal??

1 Answer

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Its normal to shrink 4mm when you have to let your ears heal from a blowout.  Its possible you had a bad reaction to the jewelry you were using, or you were using the wrong method to stretch your ears.  You should need lube, you shouldn't need tapers, your ears should be stretched and ready to accept the new jewelry.  If they can't, then they aren't ready to size up, it doesn't matter if you have been sitting at your current size for decades if your ears can't just readily accept the new jewelry they are not ready to size up. 

    You should use weights to help your ears stretch the scar tissue as it heals, and don't rush the scar tissue healing process.  This process takes 12 - 18 months as the scar tissue fully forms, then receeds as your body continues to heal.  Don't actively size up during this time, or you will have to allow your ears to shrink even smaller when you end up getting another blowout. 

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