What should I do with my life now?

I'm a college grad trying to become a licensed kindergarten teacher. I'm getting very discouraged because my state requires me to pass a series of exams including "core" exams (math, reading, and writing) in order to get licensed. I've taken those exams 8 times now and I still can't pass them. I feel like I'm just wasting my money and time. I tried everything, I took several practice tests, literally everything, and I just can't pass those 3 core exams.... JUST to be a kindergarten teacher.

Most countries only require a master's degree and field experience, why can't the U.S. be that easy?

What should I do? Should I move to another country? Should I just go on welfare and screw my life?


Serious answer needed, please.

Update 2:

Private schools are not an option. They don't pay teachers as good as public school teachers, plus even private schools prefer teachers who are licensed.

Update 3:

Even if I search for another career, they all mostly require some sort of license. I don't want a career in emergency services, so firefighter, etc is also not an option. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago
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    I'm kind of the same but my best advice is keep trying and no matter how many times you do it. You will get it. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The core exams you're talking about are competency exams, I assume. The reason they are a requirement for licensing is because you need to be able to demonstrate that you know enough yourself before you'll be allowed to teach children. If you're having trouble passing something like math, reading, and writing, that tells me you've got some pretty significant gaps or holes in your OWN education, and perhaps some remedial coursework at the college level in these subjects might help you. Have you looked into actual remedial courses at your local community college (and I am not talking test prep classes here)? If not, I'd look into that.

  • Julius
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    1 month ago

    Well first impression, do all the states have the same licensing test? There may be a state with less strict testing requirements, or that gives a license based on other considerations. You should seriously look at each state's licensing process. Even between states the cutoff scores could be set at different levels on the competency tests. And, find out which testing area you are struggling to pass, and work on that, if you can. Good luck!

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