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I am a fairly pale guy, I play hockey so I don't get outside a lot lol. I started tanning about a week ago in the mornings at about 11am. It's been about 90 degrees with full sun exposure all week and will continute for the rest of July it seems. I started with 10 min each side since I didn't want to burn my pale skin. I've moved to 15 min on my front today and 10 min on my back still. How long might it take me to get tan naturally like this? Should I be out there longer? Do it earlier in the morning? I think i've gotten very slightly more tan, at least not a pure ghost, but still pale.


I'm also 19, 6'1 and 230 lbs if that makes a difference.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Depends on how much melanin your body/skin produce.  Some people tan easily and quickly.  Some people simply don't get very dark.  Some people seem to burn but never really tan.

    The longer and stronger your exposure to UV radiation (sunlight) the more melanin your cells will produce and the browner you will become.  Longer exposure also risks getting burned if your body isn unable to produce the melanin fast enough to protect your skin.  

    The sun/UV radiation is strongest around noon.  It is the time with the sun's rays are  hitting most directly.  Again, this is the time when longer exposure can lead to a burning too. If you haven't gotten burned at all -- at all -- then feel free to add a minute or two to your next session, rather than 5.  You can't undo a burn and a burn increase the chance of skin cancer -- which is worse than being pale. 

    Again, you may be so fair that you'll never get really tan.  

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