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I had a dream about my parents abandoning me. Woke up sobbing hard, what does it mean? Look in description for my dream fully.?

I had a dream where my parents took me to sell chocolates in front of a grocery store with my dog (mind you I actually did sell chocolate at the same store in my dream when I was in 8th grade), later on the dream, I notice my parents leaving me. I started following them and they started yelling at me to not follow them into their car, while holding my dog they left me in the sidewalk. I then remembered i had the keys to the house, so i walked all the way to the house with my dog. When i entered they were in the kitchen smiling and drinking.(only my dad drinks) I then proceeded to yell at them, as they were shocked they started to hit me. I fought back, but with a kick I did I accidentally hit my dog (this is in the dream). I then stopped everything and grabbed a tissue because the dog was bleeding but not crying nor whining. I started to cry really bad, like sobbing in my dream. I started to open my eyes and all the tears went down and i noticed I has breathing the way I would as if I was sobbing really bad. What does my DREAM really mean?

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    The dream might mean the provisions or dreams you previously held are no longer viable for you and you should cut your losses instead of fighting for it or you will lose the loyalty and devotion of those you love. 

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