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I know this is messed up but wouldn’t it be awesome to witness the human race end and watch the utter fear people felt as it was happening?

We are such a horrible species that ***** everything up. The world would be just fine without us. I think this is ironic because people believe we are the most significant thing in existence on earth but the reality is we need all of the other animals, plants and environments to survive. None of that stuff needs us, in fact it would be much better off without our presences. I feel like the human race is the world’s bully. I just think it be funny to watch that big bully tremble in fair in the moment it realizes it’s time is up. And considering 5 massive extinction events have occurred in the past 500 million years, wiping out up to 90 percent of the species existing during those events, it’s going to happen again to us. Haha a!!! I wish I could be there to see it.

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    Perhaps rats will evolve to take our place..they could use our phones as big-screen TVs

  • 1 month ago

    An edgy 16 year old huh

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