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How do you on whether or not your flight is cancelled before the day of your actual flight?

Last week, I booked a flight from Oakland, California  to Houston, Texas in a few days. However, due to the heavy increase of COVID-19 cases in Texas especially in the Houston area, it looks like they are going to have to go back to shelter-in-place for a few weeks. I am also aware that once a state chooses to go for shelter-in-place, any flight going to that state will likely be affected as well and that flights going to that state are restricted for essential workers and/or anyone returning to see their immediate families. Originally, I’m supposed to go there for a mission trip and join up with the mission team I am assigned to who are already there. At the same time, I definitely understand on why they would need to put restrictions in place, which is supposed to be for our own health and safety. If anyone has any helpful information in regards to this would greatly be appreciated.

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    You che=ck with the airline and or airport website. However, the flight nay not be cancelled. You may also want to contact the team in place to get advice.

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    I'm not sure what your question is, because the only question that you wrote makes no sense.  

    If your flight is canceled, then you will be notified.  You can also check the status online through the airline's website, through various flight tracking apps, or by calling the airline.  

    However, even when restrictions were at their tightest, travel was not banned.  Flights were canceled, flight routes were changed, some routes were temporarily eliminated or minimized, etc.  But you could still fly for any reason if you were able to get a flight. 

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    i would just call them the day before

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